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Corrugated Board & Corrugated Reels

Corrugated Board & Corrugated Reels are often used as packing materials for transportation and storage.  

The thick board protects handlers from sharp edges, cushions products stacked together and restricts movement during transportation.

At ATL Dunbar we can offer:

  • Layer pads in various grades
  • Single face corrugated rolls
  • Solid board sheets that can be printed if necessary.

Our corrugated sheet rolls are available in widths ranging from 50mm to 2500mm. One reel consists of 75M per reel.

These can be order to your exact size, quantities will vary dependent on size.

We can supply small quantities and deliver times are usually less than one week.


Get In Touch Today For A Competitive Quotation On Your Specification Of Corrugated Board & Reels – email us at or give us a call on 0161 797 6372


RockinColour Ltd launched 3 years ago and quickly found out all about the challenges in managing packaging demands from customers for various microns, sizes, colours and finishes. We had tried a few packaging companies before ATL Dunbar, but found quality and customer service lacking, as well as unrealistic quantity requirements. That was until we came across ATL Dunbar. ATL Dunbar have helped RockinColour with all of our requirements and demands! Producing quality packaging, designed and manufactured to our exact specification, ready within our tight deadlines. They have also worked with us on realistic minimum order quantities which shows they understand that RockinColour is a new business growing a new product range. We often receive compliments on our packaging from our customers, and hope to build on our relationship with ATL Dunbar as a key supplier as our own business grows in the future.

Wayne Stevenson, Managing Director, RockinColour Ltd

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