Mailing Bags & Postal Packaging

In online retail the packaging is often the only tangible part of your company to the customer. Re-enforce your online brand to your customer with powerful packaging branding. ATL Dunbar have helped some of the UK’s biggest online retailers achieve this. From printed mailing bags and boxes to innovative and complex postal packaging for delivering products in many market types.

ATL Dunbar’s many years’ experience in Direct Marketing allow us to combine design with advanced materials for maximum mailing response and protection, this coupled with our extensive range of product ensure we can accommodate all your specific requirements.

Mailing Bags

We supply mailing bags to some of the largest online retailers in the UK. Bespoke printed to promote customer brands. We also have a large stock range which are always available for immediate dispatch. Stock Mailing Bags Grey opaque polythene mailing bags. Our stock mailers...

Mailing bags,

Mailing Film & Poly Wrap

Mailing film is a cost effective and efficient method to despatch literature and products through mailing and parcel networks.  It is fast becoming the method of choice for most companies in the industry as it offers protection from the elements and wear and tear in...

mailing Film

Padded Mailing Envelopes

Padded Envelopes also known as Jiffy Bags have a lightweight design and provide valuable extra cushioning to products in the post or in storage. These strong bubble wrap envelopes are tear and puncture resistant and are ideal for protecting against shocks during transit. With a...

Postal Packaging / Catalogue Cartons & Boxes

For hardbacks & media Book wraps (also referred to as Catalogue Cartons, book wrap packaging or book mailers) are one of the best, and most commonly used forms of highly protective board packaging. Featuring variable-depth design, high-strength corrugated Kraft board, reduced transport costs, lower postage costs,...

Postal Tubes

Our range at ATL Dunbar has been designed to suit almost all of our customers postal packaging needs. The postal tubes are made from tough recycled material. All of our tubes can be supplied with end plugs to ensure your products remain safe and protected...

Protective Packaging / Void Fill

When we say protective packaging we generally mean the filler or wrapping materials that you use inside a box or crate to cushion and protect your items from the bumps and bashes that your parcel encounters on its trip to your customer. Protective packaging is...

Void Fill Packaging

Void fill packaging products are used to fill a void in a box, when you have packed a box and you have gaps around your items you need to fill these spaces with void fill packaging. Packaging used for void fill is also useful as...

Document Enclosed Wallets

Whenever you are sending your parcels out in the post or via courier, documents enclosed wallets are an essential way to display the destination address at the same time as securing any paperwork for easy access. Extremely popular across a huge range of industries our...


We have worked alongside ATL Dunbar for a number of years and are delighted with their innovative approach to the challenges / opportunities presented. Their willingness to change, be flexible and continually improve are of real importance to our business. The relationship continues to grow, develop and blossom and we look forward to working closely with them for the foreseeable future.

Gareth Mason, Product Manager, Univar Specialty Consumables

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