Skin Packaging

Skin Packaging is a popular, highly flexible and economical method of packaging. It is ideal for multi-part products and provides a pilfer-resistant, tamper evident, highly visible, display pack and is a cost-effective alternative to clamshell and blister visual packaging.

At ATL Dunbar, we supply all the components you need for your Skin Packaging requirements. Our latest SP3020 state of the art Skin Packaging Machines are UK manufactured and feature the latest technology to make them a very efficient and economic machine. All full range of Skin Packaging Boards that can be plain, printed and perforated for easy folding. Also, a full range of Surlyn films in widths and thickness that suit your specific requirements.

Skin Packaging Boards

ATL Dunbar Ltd has lots of experience supplying Skin Pack Cards for products including packing seals and gaskets, automotive parts, kitchen, furniture and DIY equipment as well as healthcare products. Creating an original, bespoke Skin Pack or Skin Card using our expertise will help your product to really stand out on the...

Skin Packaging Machines

Specification: Allen Bradley Control Gear as standard SMC Pneumatics Power Requirements: 3 Phase 400 Volts, 50 Hz, 16 Amps per Phase Compressed Air @ 6 Bar Features: UK Manufactured and Supported Machines Robust, Reliable, Tried and Tested Machines Zoned Heater Control Side Load and Unload...

Surlyn Skin Films

The Ultimate in Display and Protection Surlyn, also known as skin film, delivers outstanding clarity, toughness, draw-down strength and puncture resistance. Typically used as a seal layer in flexible packaging it can be laminated with other materials, and is most commonly used for carded display...


ATL Dunbar are a strategic partner to HARMAN technology Ltd, providing high quality, technically complex products. They're the kind of supplier you never have to worry about. They never let us down.

Andrew Collins, Senior Buyer, For and on behalf of HARMAN Technology Limited

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