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Suit & Garment Covers

Retail Suit & Garment Covers offer protection for garments while travelling or in storage and ensure your customers garments are protected long after purchase.

Our garment covers at ATL Dunbar can be custom made to help reflect the identity of your brand. Choose from a vast range of fabrics, print options and special touches such as zips and ties to create a cover completely unique for your brand.

Our fabric suit and garment covers are available in a range of design options to suit all requirements. These include:

  • Full range of standard sizes or custom-made
  • Choice of fabrics – Polythene, nylon, PEVA, natural cotton calico, vinyl and PU coated
  • Range of styles
  • Plain fabric or printed with a bespoke design
  • Personalisation – Branded poppers, zips, ties, ribbons, labels or seals

Suit & Garment Cover

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ATL Dunbar are a strategic partner to HARMAN technology Ltd, providing high quality, technically complex products. They're the kind of supplier you never have to worry about. They never let us down.

Andrew Collins, Senior Buyer, For and on behalf of HARMAN Technology Limited

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