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Waste & Recycling Bulk Bags

The waste and recycling industry is now a very big user of FIBC’s. From garden waste material to rubber recycling, ATL Dunbar Ltd has an FIBC to meet every customer’s needs.

As FIBC’s are made from toughened polypropylene, they are the perfect carrying and storing medium for recycled materials. Whatever your product may be, ATL Dunbar Ltd can provide a bespoke solution for your waste and recycling needs.

Unlike the building and construction industry, the waste and recycling industry tend to use slightly larger FIBC’s. Bags are generally much taller in height, ranging from 100cm up to 200cm high. Q-Bags and Circular bags are more likely to be used in these particular industries as they are made from heavier fabrics and can carry more weight. Safe Working Loads up to 2000kg are used within these particular sectors.

An example of an FIBC used within the Waste and Recycling industry is:

  • Size: 95 x 95 x 200cm
  • SWL:  1000kg
  • SF: 5:1 (single trip)
  • Inlet: Skirt Top
  • Outlet: Discharge Spout
  • Loops: 4 x 25cm cross corner lifting loops

The above is only an example of what is sometimes used within the Waste and Recycling industry. Many other bag specifications are and can be used which may be relevant to your company’s needs.

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Let me take a moment to say the following, we have been dealing with ATL Dunbar now for over 3 years and their attention to details have left us a much healthier Company towards all our enquiries old and new. Our Deliveries are always on time & any obstacle we have presented large or small has been met with timely precision. Your expertise and diligence to meet our needs has left us each and every time with very satisfied Customers. It's our pleasure to say thank you to you and your team for all the support you have given us over the many years we have been doing business together.

Transport Manager, Hull

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